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  • PF - new member registration
  • New TDS/TCS FVU version 6.9/2.165
  • PF - ECR – NCP days validation in case of pension wage is zero
  • ABRY – new member registration facility under ABRY
  • PF-Challan: new option ‘Covid-19’ added for Lower Contribution Rate
  • An option is given for Import/Export tax regime type employee-wise

Why 85% of Our Clients Recommends Gen Payroll

High Savings

High Savings

On average, 70% of our customers have seen high annual cost savings after using Gen payroll

More Time

More Time

Our clients run Gen payroll in a matter of a few seconds for availing Payroll services.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Over 97% of clients have acknowledged using the HR software i.e. Gen payroll gives them peace of mind due to its high accuracy

Our Payroll Employee Management Software Features

‘Making Payroll, HR and Compliance management easier than ever before;


Employee Enrollment

Manage all the employee enrollment details on the go


Employee Attendance

Record daily employee attendance automatically based on their entry and exit punches and sync this data with biometric machines.

Salary Calculation

Salary Calculation

Calculate and process employee salaries in just a few clicks

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS and E-mail Facility

Send quick notices to employees about upcoming events and attendance.


Statutory Compliance

Auto calculate PF, ESI as per Statutory Rules with e-filing

Update Leave Records

Update Leave Records

Facility for salary set up, leave set up, PF/ESI rate set up etc.

Salary Deduction

Salary Deduction

Deduct employee salary quickly based on their leaves, taxes and expenses precisely

Easily calculate TDS

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

Easily calculate TDS and reimbursements without an error. Preparation of Forms 16, 16AA, 12BA, Return ITR-1.

Complete Self-Service Via Mobile App

Mobile App by Gen HR Payroll Software
Reimbursement Slips

Generate Pay Slips and Other Reports

Employees can see their pay slips, yearly salary reports, form 16, etc., instantly

Leave Apply

Leave Apply and Expense Management

Employees can easily apply for holidays & expense claims with the click of a button

Professional Tax Return

Investment Declaration

Declare investments based on house rent, property income, deduction under VIA(A), investment/allowance summary & submitted comparison.

Our Payroll Software is Available Both Online/Offline

Why Use Our Payroll Compliance Software?

Our Payroll management software makes the work hassle-free and in turn, manages the payroll professionally. The management of employees' information and routines on the daily basis becomes briskly convenient at the HR's end with the incorporation of this application. Gen payroll compliance software is quite convenient to use. The user can access contact information, personal information, salary data, attendance, investment details, PF & ESI data, salary certificates along with the preparation of forms 16, 16AA, 12BA, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), and ITR (Income Tax Return) 1 return, etc. The Company has updated Gen Payroll software to include the new labour law 2021 for small and large businesses.

The automation of the HR-related work reduces the dependency on manual entries which makes the workflow smooth. This payroll price is affordable from other software in India. It provides easy access to the information and data which organizations need to make decisions more effectively and efficiently. It manages the entire information of the employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company. A lot of tax services have been included in Payroll compliance software, including calculating taxes, deduction, and local taxes.

Payroll Compliance Software?
Minimizes Paperwork

Minimizes Paperwork

The tedious task of managing multiple paper docs, i.e., employ salaries, bonuses, deductions, leaves and other important firm data can be easily simplified through our payroll HR software.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Online payroll management boosts employee productivity to the next level as the HR team do not have to spend long hours for tracking employee attendance, salary, and tax deduction. HR employes, therefore, can give more time on business development.

Effective Management

Effective Management of a Diverse Workforce

From industry-leading firms to newly entrant businesses, everyone can track and manage their employee information easily through comprehensive payroll software like Gen Payroll.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Gen Payroll gives abundant power to businesses when it comes to payroll management by covering all the necessary aspects of it, which can also be easily accessed or managed through its user-friendly interface.

Gen Payroll Software

Make Your Business Paperless With Gen Payroll Software

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Demo of Gen Payroll HR Management Software in English
Gen Payroll Desktop Software Demo English
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